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About Us

Are you an educator,  youth worker, social worker, teacher, trainer, instructional designer or project manager and looking for your tribe?

This community network is perfect for you.  

Why You Should Join EUN

It's calmer, well organised and has many more functions than a FB Group.

You can:

  •  attend events;
  • create your own events;
  • attend training courses;
  • host your own training courses;
  • join other spaces (currently includes tribes like Eco, LGBTQI+, HEI, Trainers, Media, Humour & Resilience, e-Learning, and many more)
  • create your own tribe (for your organisation / team / topic / interests);
  • network with other professionals;
  • socialise;
  • be part of a supportive community of youth workers, social workers, educators, teachers, trainers, instructional designers and project managers.

What is Education Umbrella Network (EUN)?

EUN is a combined social community network, learning management system and event promotion site, and best of all, it’s free to join! 

It is a cross-sectoral platform that brings together people working in sectors as K12, Youth, VET, HEI, etc. 

On the platform, you are free to set up your tribes (groups) and promote your events. 

You can also create your courses through our very reasonable hosting service.

Why did we develop the platform?

Our team all work in the fields of education, youth work and training and were increasingly becoming frustrated with the limitations of social media groups, and the need to be logged in with a personal account to join groups and events. 

We also knew how difficult it can be to get a course up and running, promote it effectively and select an appropriate payment gateway. 

So we decided to bring these elements together and created the Education Umbrella Network (EUN). It started with a focus on youth work and training, and as membership grew, soon began to include university lecturers, VET teachers, trainers, social workers and school teachers.

What members love is the way the platform is organised, and that they are free to create their own group spaces as well as joining others, and can manage their own groups, much as they would on Facebook, but without all the noise and distractions. 

Why is it free to join?

Our founders decided that they wanted to make it free to join the network to ensure that members from all walks of life and income level could join equally. 

The platform, time and tools for events all cost a lot of money, so we rely on the sales of courses and donations to keep the network running. 

Can I create my own space for my members?

Yes, that’s the beauty of our platform. 

You can create your own tribe, and choose who will be the hosts and moderators, and you can invite your members to join your tribe. 

Within this tribe, you can host events and organise your tribe by topic/theme. 

If you want to charge for membership to your tribe, this is possible too. (Terms & Conditions apply)

How can I sell a course/event/workshop?

For those of you that are interested in hosting a training course online will know that setting it up is not cheap, Moodle, Canvas and other platforms are expensive but we have an option for you.

We decided to develop a platform for the purpose of training courses. 

Today, we can offer you to use our platform at a reasonable price. 

Set your own price per participant, monthly, annually or one-off price. 

How do I host an event?

Any member can host an event and promote it to all members. 

Events can be private and only open to your space members, only open to your course members, or open to the whole network. 

Your events are then targeted towards the people that you want to join making your promotion process more efficient. 

You can see who has RSVP’d to your event and can download a spreadsheet of participants to use as an attendance record, and for help building your community. (This information is only available to the event organiser.)

Can I bring my members with me?

Sure, it’s really easy to invite your FB group members and LinkedIn group members to join you, there are special links created for each of those platforms so when one of your members clicks the link, they are signed up through their credentials. 

You can also share the link to the main platform, the link to your event, link to your space and there is even an invite function within the network that you can use and even upload your contact list. 

There is no limit to how many members you can have and this will remain unlimited and free.

A Big Thanks

Thanks to our wonderful community and the team of volunteers that look after this page. 

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