Education Umbrella Network

The cross-sectoral network for European Education Practitioners for Youth!

About Us

This network was created as an intellectual output of the Erasmus+ Project. Hate's Journey, 2018-2-ES02-KA205-011733

We bring together European Education Practitioners for Youth to access exclusive connections and knowledge that create a competitive edge in helping each of us achieve our goals, so that we can learn from like-minded education practitioners across sectors, build our own education practices through engagement and training all the while we are becoming more resourceful and successful practitioners delivering impactful activities for Youth. 

What do we mean by European Education Practitioners? 

  1. European, we focus on this geographical area because we, the founders,  know of many opportunities there, because we are based there.

  2. Education is used as an overarching term to capture all forms of knowledge transfer, amongst them, but not limited to, Formal Education, Non-Formal Education, Informal Education. 

  3. As Practitioners, you may identify yourself as an Educator, Teacher, Professor, Trainer, Coach, Mentor, Youth Worker, Social Worker. Regardless of the exact role you practice, it is all about the heart, as you all do it for young people and young learners to grow and thrive. 

This is by no means a limitation, but a focus so that we can serve our community accordingly. If you do not consider yourself European, Education and/or Practitioner, but still have a heart for young people and learners to grow and thrive, you are more than welcome! 

Why You Should Join EUN

There is a range of gains for you today and overtime when you join this network

  • Access exclusive connections

You will have access to a community of fellow European Education Practitioners. If you are looking to receive a 'local' perspective or learn more about another practitioner working elsewhere, this is the place you can do that! We do not simply focus on one sector of education, but take a cross-sectoral approach.

  • Access exclusive knowledge

As Practitioners we may come across problems at different stages, something that Google has no answers for. You here have a community that knows your problems, that have gone through the cycles and have more answers than Google could ever give you! 

Both of these elements allow us to really focus on what is important for us in order to achieve our goals so that we can:

  • learn from different education practitioners across sectors

Fellow practitioners from other education sectors may be able to provide you with breakthroughs you were not able to achieve within your own education sector. How could the education sector for outdoor experiences shine light on STEM practices?

  • build on our own education through community engagement and training

Education does not end when you finish your degree, it continues and has always been ongoing because it is life. Learning from the community can help you develop in a variety of ways, which will become more solid in the community

  • all the while we are becoming more resourceful and successful practitioners

Your resourcefulness is not only limited to knowledge but also access to knowledge and here you have access to +500 community members all part of this community. Can you imagine the knowledge you can access by simply asking a question here, instead of Google? 

On the inside

The community platform is calmer, well organised and has many more functions than a FB Group or LinkedIn group.

You can:

  • Attend and create your own events

  • Attend and host your own training courses

  • Join or create a dedicated tribe (group) (currently includes topics Education Eco Forum, The  Humour Alliance and more to come) 

  • network and socialize with other education practitioners

  • become part of a supportive community with young people and young learners at heart

Why is free to join?

Our team decided that they wanted to make it free to join the network to ensure that practitioners from all walks of life and income level could join equally. 

Although the platform, dedicated time and tools for events and other management do cost a lot of money, so we rely on the funding that courses provide and donations to keep the community platform and network running. 

Can I bring or invite fellow practitioners?

Sure, it’s really easy to invite them as there are special links created for you to bring or invite them, so when one of your members clicks the link, they are signed up through their credentials.

You can also share the link to the main platform, the link to your event, link to your tribe and there is even an invite function within the network that you can use and even upload your contact list. 

There is no limit to how many members you can have and this will remain unlimited and free. 

See you on the inside?

If you have any questions concerning this platform, how to navigate it, we invite you to come inside and try it for yourself. If you would like to explore more, than we are happy to have a conversation with you what else we can all do together!

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